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Montebello Youth Leadership Club (M.Y.L.C.) was established on July 25, 2013. The idea to get the youth involved in the community and make them better leaders came from former President of Montebello High School, Christopher Jimenez and along with his brother who is a former ASB member, Oliver Jimenez. With the help of 11 friends that soon enough became the first cabinet that established the club’s constitution and club’s name. M.Y.L.C. is a Youth Organization created to inspire the youth to give back to the community. 



Montebello Youth Leadership Club, also known as M.Y.L.C., is an organization that inspires the youth to give back to the community; by getting involved in civic and government affairs. Hand-on-hand with the process, we bring awareness on what is really happening in our community. The club allows all members to grow as a person and enhance their leadership skills. Members will focus on finding their abilities, strengths, and will learn to overcome their fears and weaknesses. M.Y.L.C. focuses on issues concerning our community and youth by taking part in volunteering, attending public forums, political campaigns, and having face-to-face meetings with our elected officials. Bringing all this together to make our community a better place.



Establish a  New Generation of Leadership

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